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Xbox 360 Repair
Playstation 3 Repair
Red Rings aka RROD Count the lights. 2 flashing lights it overheating, probably needs the fans cleaned and new thermal paste installed. 1 or 3 red lights usually indicates a motherboard issue. Most commonly bad solder under one of the chips

No Power Bad power brick or a short on the motherbaord, often happens when the usb ports are broken and short out

Stuck Tray When you hit the eject button the tray wont come out. Tapping it sometimes helps but not good for the harddrive. The disk drive needs cleaned and lubricated to restore normal functionality

Disc Read Problems When you insert a disk. It may say open tray, unrecognized disk or unable to read. Typically this involve replacing a motor or laser inside the disk drive

Open Tray Error Same as disk read problems.

E73/E74 Message Often accompanied by 1 red light flashing, indicates a gpu error, likely a bad solder joint, some cases the graphics chip has gone bad and needs replaced

YLOD is when you try to turn the Playstation on it will blink once yellow then flashes red. You will also hear it beep a couple times. This is almost always a problem with the graphics chip. Most of the time a reflow will get rid of this problem

Overheating You might be in the middle of a game or watching a movie. The ps3 fans will be loud enough to hear easily. A message will pop up in the top right hand corner letting you know the console is too hot and will shut down. Have it serviced to clean the fan and replace the dried out thermal paste

Disk Drive problems Most commonly wont take in the disk or if it does take them in it may not read them. The drive may be off track and need re-aligned or for not reading the bluray laser will need replaced. Very common problem we fix often

Freezing while using your Playstation could be a few different issues. Most commonly will be hard drive failure. Bring it in before it quits all the way and we will likely be able to save your stuff. Motherboard issues are also common for freezing problem. Eventually it will get worse and even if it does we will still likely be able to fix it.

More Storage We can now upgrade your PS3 to a whopping 1000gb of storage. No more trying to figure out what to delete so you can load more on there.
Keeping your console up to date is an easy way to avoid some problems. For more info on this follow the links.

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